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Posted By :    npzruf  (
Posted :    10/15/2012
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Posted By :    Muhamed  (
Posted :    10/13/2012
Comments :    - I want to share this sweet email I received today from Bob Perkins, Executive Director of Youth in Focus:So a good Thursday monring is seeing an email from Network for Good (the thing that finangles donations from our website) that we've gotten a $500 gift, looking to see who it's from, asking myself who's Laura? , going to your website, seeing your work and clicking through to yesterday's blog. How grand. Even when I know YIF is doing great stuff, it's still more than pleasant to hear other people say so and even put some serious dollars behind it.Thanks so much for this gift (we'll be sending you a more formal letter but I'm emailing in the moment of pleasure), for your encouragement and enthusiasm for what our students are up to. Lots of people should be like you when they grow up.Thanks again for your generosity and for sharing your spirit.Bob Perkins
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